HTML custom input with type hidden and number1 min read

I don’t think it is possible to a create an element like <input type=”hidden | number” /> Solution is to create a custom element like this <hidden-num value=”0″></hidden-num> MDN – Using Custom ELements ( class InputHiddenNum extends HTMLElement { constructor() { super(); } connectedCallback() { = “none”; } get value() { return this.intern_value; } […]

An HTML5 desktop app with electron4 min read

Electron let’s you build cross platform desktop apps using HTML5 and javascript. Let’s make a  demo desktop app with electron. If you haven’t  heard of electron from GitHub, you should go through this Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS before continuing. Without wasting our time let’s get started with the app. Prerequisites Node […]

Creating a Javascript form validation plugin8 min read

After my HTML Form designs are complete the next problem was to validate the input data before sending it to the servers. I don’t use Jquery or any other javascript frameworks. Also i did not find the inbuilt browser validation working well with the user interface i had in mind. So i had to come up […]