EPSON DOT matrix char code to set page length in inches (Javascript)51 sec read

Find the list of char codes at So to set the length of a page in number of lines, use var num_lines = 72; String.fromCharCode(27, 67) + String.fromCharCode(num_lines) Going by the char code list to set the length of the page in inches, we should use var page_inches = 12; String.fromCharCode(27, 67, 48) + String.fromCharCode(page_inches); […]

Creating an SVG filter icon1 min read

I find it easier tot write an HTML page than create a document or powerpoint presentation. Similarly it is easier for me to write SVG icons in XML rather than create one in photoshop. So here is my simple “SVG filter icon” <svg xmlns=”” xmlns:xlink=”” width=”100″ height=”100″> </svg> Start by opening the svg tag and […]