Who is politicising?2 min read

The military can’t one day decide to go inside Pakistani territory and hit terrorist camps. The Government gives the orders. And who heads the government now? NARENDRA MODI. So the credit for taking the decision goes to NARENDRA MODI. And if Modi says that he took the decision and the previous government just sat and watched, he is just stating the facts.

If Rahul Gandhi and his friends had taken any of these positions –

  • Modi did the right thing. This is the way to deal with Pakistan
  • We welcome the decision, but this is not enough. We need a much tougher approach
  • Welcome the decision, but now we should deescalate and move forward with talks.
  • Violence solves nothing. We need peace, we must talk blahhhh blahhh blahhhhhh….

Nobody would have cared about politicisation. You are making a political point. However dumb your point is, the political debate would continue. The army wouldn’t have been dragged into it. But we all know why the congress party today cannot take such a stand. Because they gave us a dummy prime minster.

300 Terrorists!!

So if 300 terrorists were killed, BJP would get 300,000 more votes. If only 20 were killed, BJP would get only 20,000. If none were killed the BJP would loose the election and Rahul Gandhi will become the Prime Minister.

Nobody cares about the numbers. The point is “Terrorists will be eliminated wherever they are”. But even the congress party doesn’t care about numbers. They just want to create confusion. The “where did you get the numbers” thing is a cover. The aim is to say “Modi is a liar, There were no Surgical Strikes 2.0 ” without saying it.

Also JAI HIND!!!

EPSON DOT matrix char code to set page length in inches (Javascript)51 sec read

Set of codes to set page length

Find the list of char codes at http://stanislavs.org/helppc/epson_printer_codes.html

So to set the length of a page in number of lines, use

Going by the char code list to set the length of the page in inches, we should use

But it just doesn’t work!!!!!

What happens is the printer thinks you want to set the page length to 48 lines and not 12 inches. Also char code 12 means form feed, so you get one of that too..

I solved it by using

So you need to add String.fromCharCode(0) and not String.fromCharCode(48) and you will get a page length of 12 inches.


Creating an SVG filter icon1 min read

I find it easier tot write an HTML page than create a document or powerpoint presentation. Similarly it is easier for me to write SVG icons in XML rather than create one in photoshop. So here is my simple “SVG filter icon”

Start by opening the svg tag and give it a width and height of 100

Next lets add a circle with a radius of 50 and it’s center coinciding with the svg element’s.


Now lets add the filter icon using a polygon. We write the co-ordinates of each point of the filter icon, magics happens and we get a filter.


We start from the top left corner of the icon (20, 25) and trace its path through (80,25) (55,60) (55,75) (45,85) (45,60) and is finally joined back to (20, 25)


Complete SVG filter icon

Good day/night 🙂