Electron open file explorer with file selected43 sec read

After creating a file and writing it to the disk, its nice to show the user the location of the newly created file in the system file explorer. At the time of writing this there is no option in electron for opening the system file explorer with a file selected. So, like every programmer does […]

Electron: Share sessionStorage between window and webView?1 min read

I wanted to declare global const/var that were specific for an app instance. Here is a scenario – The app asks for username as soon as it starts and saves it for use unitil the app is closed. If the app was run two times, I didn’t want these instances to have the same username […]

An HTML5 desktop app with electron4 min read

Electron let’s you build cross platform desktop apps using HTML5 and javascript. Let’s make a  demo desktop app with electron. If you haven’t  heard of electron from GitHub, you should go through this Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS before continuing. Without wasting our time let’s get started with the app. Prerequisites Node […]