HTML custom input with type hidden and number1 min read

I don’t think it is possible to a create an element like <input type=”hidden | number” /> Solution is to create a custom element like this <hidden-num value=”0″></hidden-num> MDN – Using Custom ELements ( class InputHiddenNum extends HTMLElement { constructor() { super(); } connectedCallback() { = “none”; } get value() { return this.intern_value; } […]

Rust Actix web panic when using custom regex1 min read

Using Actix-web v0.7.4 Error – thread ‘arbiter:6461f87e-20ed-4848-9feb-dbe68ab5ea7e:actor’ panicked at ‘index out of bounds: the len is 1 but the index is 1’, /checkout/src/libcore/slice/ How I corrected it The loop was accessing an index which didn’t exist. I don’t really know how actix web works or even how Rust works. pub fn match_with_params  in in actix-web src […]