Creating a simple babel plugin1 min read

What will it do? It will change this let content = include_str(‘path to text file’); to this let content = ‘content of text file’; It works just like the rust-lang include_str!() macro. Code While looping through the AST, our code checks for a function call (CallExpression ) named include_str If one is found, we derive the required […]

HTML custom input with type hidden and number1 min read

I don’t think it is possible to a create an element like <input type=”hidden | number” /> Solution is to create a custom element like this <hidden-num value=”0″></hidden-num> MDN – Using Custom ELements ( class InputHiddenNum extends HTMLElement { constructor() { super(); } connectedCallback() { = “none”; } get value() { return this.intern_value; } […]