An HTML5 desktop app with electron4 min read

Electron let’s you build cross platform desktop apps using HTML5 and javascript. Let’s make a  demo desktop app with electron. If you haven’t  heard of electron from GitHub, you should go through this Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS before continuing. Without wasting our time let’s get started with the app. Prerequisites Node […]

Random color generator in javascript2 min read

If you ever tried to create HTML or SVG graphs, it is most likely that you have asked google the question How to generate random colors in javascript? , because I for sure did ???? . Maybe you have searched it for some other reason. To create some cool UI or something, or maybe to irritate the […]

Creating a Javascript load more plugin part 2 – Searching2 min read

In the first part Creating a Javascript load more plugin part 1 , we have created a javascript plugin which loads data from an API page. Let’s build upon on it. Today we are going to add search option to our plugin, children ? . Objectives ? Add search bar to the page. On input on search bar, load in […]