Is the rust compiler racist?1 min read

What are you talking about man? How can a compiler be racist? Well, be ready to be surprised. I am going to prove that the rust compiler is racist and racist particularly against Indians.


I recently applied for a job as a rust developer and a coding challenge came along with it. I sent my resume along with link of the completed challenge. I was shocked by the response that I got back.

We can’t go ahead with your application. We haven’t looked at the coding challenge that you have completed or other work that you have listed in the resume. The rust compiler won’t compile the code unless the person who wrote the code has a college degree.

I was a bit surprised but realised the truth after going through the compiler code

match {
    Country::India => match {
        Degree::College => {
        _ => {
    _ => continue_compilation()

Well there it is. #shameOnRustCompiler

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