Why I started my own fringe group and why you should too…1 min read

I was laughed at when I came up with a new, never before idea to start a fringe group. Family, friends and even random anonymous people on the internet started making fun of me and I felt ashamed as a society ..uhhhh..  I mean a person, ashamed as a person.

But I believed in myself and I am now the president of the fringe group “gomatha sena” spread across 3 states in the country.  I thought I would share some valuable gems of experience.

Benefits of starting a fringe group a.k.a ______  sena.

  1. Fame – I get my own little box in TV debates that too in super duper prime time. Because we are a democracy, whatever the topic of discussion is fringe groups are given an opportunity to express their views. I have become a household name just by sitting and shouting for 2 hours. People who doesn’t even know, who the president of their country is know me.
  2. Money – We get paid just for sitting and shouting for 2 hours. But other than that we do promote books, movies or pretty much anything for money.  Our services include throwing ink (rates vary with color of ink), threats ( murder, rape, cutting nose and so on. Rates vary). Note – GST @ 28% applicable.
  3. Women – Similar businesses in Gujarat, are hugely successful at getting women. I personally haven’t had much luck at this, but you know…you never know…. 😍


  1. Soar throat – Things can get a bit cracky at times but nothing can stop you from shouting your way to glory.


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