Padmavati and freedom of expression1 min read

“Intellectuals” in TV studios argued for artistic freedom of the makers of the movie Padmavati. Let’s take a look at some of their arguments. 1. You cannot limit artistic freedom If I decided to make a film on some prophet and show whatever my take on that person is, will you support me? Could you […]

To Anand Narasimhan and Times Now – Destruction of Babri musjid = destruction of Ram temple?2 min read

In a debate in the Times Now channel the anchor said something like “some Muslims destroyed Ram temple and some Hindus destroyed the Babri musjid, so both sides are equally guilty”.¬† And the anchor (I believe his name is Anand Narasimhan), dares to say that it is logical. OK Anand, I hope you agree that […]

Top 10 most important things that every blog must have.2 min read

#Sarcasm Hey amateur bloggers, here are some tips from the GOD of blogging – myself to¬†increase your blog traffic 10000X fold. Journey to becoming the blogging god wasn’t easy. But in my zero years of blogging and years of click baiting, I have learnt many things and helped thousands of people waste time and life […]